Public Meeting Titled Rebuilding from an Economic Earthquake

Financial Accountability Network India, and Delhi Forum  cordially invites you for a public meeting titled Rebuilding from an Economic Earthquake, the details of which are as follows:


  • Kavita Krishnan, Polit Bureau Member, CPI-ML Liberation
  • Vijoo Krishnan, Central Committee Member of CPI-M, and Joint Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha

Venue: The Deputy Speaker Hall, Constitution Club, New Delhi.

Date: March 15, 2019

Time: 3-6 pm

As you are aware, the past nearly five years have been a watershed in the economic history of India. Demonetisation, GST, failed attempt for FRDI, bank mergers, weakening and undermining the powers of RBI, the tension between the Govt and RBI, IL&FS scam, LIC bailing out IDBI are only a few out of the many steps this government has taken, which collectively shaken the foundations of Indian economy and subjected its citizens to innumerable sufferings and distress. Joblessness, reverse migration, farm distress and sluggish industrial growth have only fuelled the distress and disenchantment.

With the term of this government getting over in a few months and an election looming large, it’s time to look back and evaluate the performance of the government the on the economy and at ahead at the immediate agenda the on economy for the next government. It is in this context that this meeting is organised. The meeting will be addressed by prominent economists, bankers and political party leaders.

We had recently published a book “Rubbles of an Economic Earthquake: Analysis of Banking and Finance Sector under Modi Government”.

The rubble of an Economic Earthquake” is edited by Thomas Franco, Former General Secretary of All India Bank Officer’s Confederation, with contributions from eminent economists and academicians like Prof. C.P. Chandrashekar, Prof. Jayati Ghosh, Prof. Dinesh Abrol, Prof. Archana Prasad, Prof. Praveen Jha and Mr Devasahayam, Former IAS officer. The book gives an overview and also analyse the impacts of various economic and financial policies of the NDA government on various sectors. Kindly click the link to access the book

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