A multi-lingual crowd-sourced exhibition from across India is prepared to document and directly hear from the people who have been robbed of their hard-earned money by the banks for no fault of theirs. In these photos, the victims of this policy, tell how they were affected.

High-resolution photos with captions in multiple languages are available to download here.

Photos from the Ground:

March 15, 2019,Delhi: Public Meeting titled Rebuilding from an Economic Earthquake


March 16, 2019, Bhopal: बैंकों द्वारा वसूले जा रहे मनमाने शुल्कों पर जनसंवाद


March 16, 2019, Bhilai:


March 17, 2019, organised by the Jan Jagriti and Paani Haq Samiti at Jogeshwari, Mumbai: 


March 18, 2019, organised by National Hawker Federation at Church Mission House, Mumbai



March 18, 2019, hawkers extending support to the campaign in Mirzapur:


March 24, 2019, organised by the National Hawker Federation at Kalikapur, Kolkata:


April 11, 2019, organised by CAG Chennai, MMCRPC and FAN India in Chennai.


April 14, 2019, Delhi, organised by FAN India on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar


April 16, 2019: Community Engagement Program at Motilal Nehru Camp, Munirka, Delhi



April 18, 2019: Public meeting and street performance at Trilokpuri, Delhi on the bank charges.


April 24, 2019: Public Meeting at Lal Gumbad Basti, Delhi

May 22, 2019: Yuva Samwaad, Budwani, Madhya Pradesh