Five Years of Achhe Din: A Quick Look at Banking and Finance Sector

The last five years have been a watershed moment in Indian politics and the economy. The NDA alliance’s grand victory on the agenda of development and good days to come (achhe din) started off on a high note. But after five years, the NDA government stands delegitimized. But what followed was brazen violence against minorities, Dalits, Adivasi, women and marginal sections of the society, systematic destruction of institutions, forced poverty, the decimation of the informal sector, corruption unemployment and a stressed economy. And today, the NDA government stands delegitimized, so much so that it is termed as a quantum leap backwards.

With the elections coming, it is important to remind ourselves of the systematic dismantling of our democracy, democratic institutions, economy and the society at large.

This is a small attempt to highlight few crucial changes brought by this government and their impacts. While each and every sector needs an analysis like this, we have restricted to Banking and Finance.

Content for this was contributed by many. We took the liberty to take some from public sources. They include Dinesh Abrol, Rohit Azad, Sucheta Dalal, documents of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) and Quantum Leap Backwards.

The content and data of this booklet is far from complete. However special care has been taken to check the accuracy of data. The intent of this attempt is to have an informed discussion on the economic performance of the NDA-II government and empowering the citizens to hold them accountable.

Five years of Achhe Din Final

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